Painless, Accurate & Accelerated Relief From Allergies

From tots to teens, adults to seniors, this allergy treatment changes lives.

My acupuncture allergy elimination program is one of the more gratifying aspects of my practice. It eliminates the suffering caused by a wide variety of allergens and works for the whole family. By accurately identifying the allergen a treatment is tailored to each individual and how their body responds to the offending substance. I have frequently eliminated the need for hay fever and asthma medications, and offer those who suffer severe food allergies the freedom from a restrictive diet that inhibits life style and travel.

In 1997 I studied NAET® developed by Dr.Nambudripad. Since that time I have expanded my own protocols that accurately identify and successfully eliminate a wide range of chronic and severe allergies to wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, tree and grass pollens, pets, even joint replacement surgical steel.

A Non-invasive-Natural Solution to Allergies

Testing for allergens does not involve needles or scratch tests. Using a sample made from the allergen, a kinesiology test is performed while the patient holds the sample in their hand. This type of testing accurately identifies allergens that are also found through blood or scratch testing. It also identifies hidden allergens, which are not detected by conventional testing, as well as sensitivities and intolerances which are not true allergies.

Non-invasive testing combined with painless treatment makes this style of allergy treatment very child friendly. So many parents have brought their children to see me when their pediatricians have failed to diagnose the cause of their child’s complaints or allergies.

"It Changed My Life"

When asked by a perspective patient about how effective my allergy elimination program is I tell them patients say “it changed my life.” Whether you have severe seasonal, multiple food or nut allergies, pet, chemical sensitivities or metal allergies you can begin living a vibrant healthy life free of the food restrictions, fatigue and many other symptoms caused by allergies.

Fast Results Compared to Allergy Shots

Many patients come to me after years of conventional allergy shots failed. One of my favorite success stories involved a woman who had multiple food allergies that significantly restricted her lifestyle. After working with me she had a six month follow up visit with her allergy specialist. She presented him with a long checklist of all the allergens he knew she suffered from, and told him “I can eat all of these now!” Needless to say he was shocked and asked, ”What did your acupuncturist do?”

Allergy Free After 20 Years

Naturally people want to know how long the treatments will last. My reply: I continue to get referrals from patients I treated 20 years ago who report they are “still allergy free.”